Are you tired when you come home from a busy day?

Do you find yourself ordering take out or dining out more than you really care to?

Would you like to have wholesome, hand made cuisine ready for you in your own home?

See what a Personal Chef is all about, and how it can change your life!

Personal Chef Benefits

Lisa Bradley, CC

No Jacket Required, LLC


Many clients feel the added free time gained through reduced shopping & cooking time is a significant benefit.

Because your meals are prepared individually for your family, you not only eliminate the hassle of shopping & cooking, but you may find yourself dining earlier & eating better.

Who can benefit from Personal Chef Services:

  1. Busy families

  2. New parents

  3. Aging parents

  4. Patients of injury or surgery

  5. Anyone who wants quality cuisine prepared just for them! 


Calculate all the money you spend on food for the next 2 weeks including:

    1. Fast food, take-out, (including pizza)

    2. Food purchased with every intention to prepare but having to dispose

  1.               of it because it spoiled before you could get around to using it

    1. Restaurant bills along with tipping and the gas to travel to and from

Add to the above the cost of your time spent on:

    1. Driving to the grocery store

    2. Shopping for the food

    3. Waiting in line at the check out

    4. Loading and unloading to put all your groceries away

    5. Preparing your menu

    6. Preparing the meal after a long day at work.       

    7. Cleaning the cookware and kitchen in order to start all over again